Sanitization & Disinfection Services That You Can Trust


Ventura Hygiene Care is one of the leading Hygiene Care company for surface and geographical disinfection.

We offer a comprehensive range of expert disinfection services with advanced and eco-friendly chemicals.

Our disinfection services are carried by expert personnel in a safe and effective manner. We, at Ventura, believe that the health and safety of our customers are of utmost importance.

We are fully enabled to provide you with the necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle the spread of Coronavirus.

Why Ventura Hygiene Care?

Venturas’s unmatched experience of 15+ years in Hygiene care combined with the latest innovation gives us the edge in Disinfection services in India. We offer a full set of services right to disinfect and Sanitize Residential Societies and  Commercial Premises.

Ventura’s commitment to our esteemed customers

We at Ventura are committed towards your safety and well-being y following all the guidelines issued by local health authorities.

  • Our hygiene experts are fully equipped with respiratory masks and personal protection gears while delivering Disinfection and Sanitizing services.
  • Our Hygiene Experts follow the social distancing protocols in and outside your premises to deliver a completely safe service experience.
  • We firmly believe that with our knowledge, correct practices and experience can help to curb the spread of COVID-19.