Emergency Care

Emergency Care

We have a specialized ‘Corona Task Force’ in place to manage your urgent requirements and needs during these sensitive times.

24 Hours Service

24 Hours Service

We offer 24 Hour services to our customers from diverse sectors like Corporate offices, Educational institutions, Banks and Societies.

Skilled Personnel

Skilled Personnel

Our Team has unmatched experience of 15+ years in Hygiene care. Our hygiene experts are fully skilled & equipped with PPEs.

Our Special Services

We offer a full set of services to our customers to Disinfect and Sanitize their premises. All our services are rendered under the guidance of Skilled & Experienced Personnel.

Society Disinfection

As the global effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to evolve, Ventura Hygiene Care remains firmly committed to helping you Win the b

Office Disinfection

  With the recent rise of Covid-19, office workers need to focus on staying safe and hygienic. Indoor surfaces and air may look and sme

Home Deep Cleaning

Home deep cleaning is always a major and time consuming task. You can rely upon Ventura’s highly skilled team to deep clean your home that

How We Can Help You?

We Offer A Range Of Services To Protect You And Your Family From Various Types Of Infections Including The Corona Virus

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